10 February 2006,13:05
Los musulmanes piden que se prohíba a la prensa publicar caricaturas de Mahoma
Ya dijimos ayer que Franco Frattini quería imponer un código de conducta  la prensa (aunque como dice hoy aleón en Desde el Exilio lo ha negado echando la culpa al periodista...), Pero no sólo él lo pide: también hay "estudiosos musulmanes" que han pedido una modificación de las leyes (via Jihad Watch):
Muslim scholars who gathered for an emergency meeting have called for changes to the law to stop images of the Prophet Muhammad being published.
Members of the Muslim Action Committee (MAC) who met in Birmingham called for changes to the Race Relations Act and the Press Complaints Commission code.
They are to stage a protest march in London on 18 February, expected to attract 20,000 to 50,000 people....
Shaikh Faiz Saddiqi, who chaired the meeting, said Wednesday's gathering of about 300 Islamic religious leaders was the largest meeting of its kind he knew of in his 25 years of living in the UK....
Mr Saddiqi said they had concluded they wanted the Race Relations Act modified to give Muslims the same protection as Sikhs or Jews.
He also said the Press Complaints Commission code of conduct should be tightened to prevent publication of any images of Muhammad, but added the clerics accepted criticism and discussion of Islam should be allowed.
He said the code was a voluntary code to ensure the media treated people with respect and called for that respect to be shown to Muslims, whose religion forbids any pictorial depiction of Muhammad....
"Enough is enough, we have to get back to being a civil society.
"What kicks can you get out of seeing this caricature, except to insult the Prophet of Islam?"
He praised the UK media for not publishing the cartoons.
¿Alguien ve alguna diferencia con lo que quería imponer Frattini?
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