21 January 2006,13:47
Annan bloquea un esfuerzo común para el desarme de las milicias libanesas
(Via The American Thinker)

French and American diplomats worked on the text of a new statement that they expected all of the council’s 15 members would approve.[...]

Mr. Annan yesterday called for caution. “I think we should do everything to dissuade those who would ship weapons into Lebanon,” he told reporters, but then added, “I am not sure if a [Security Council] presidential statement at this stage is going to add anything.” Saying that there has been “considerable progress” in implementing the resolutions on Lebanon, he added, “these resolutions are not implemented overnight.”

"Creo que debemos hacer todo lo posible para disuadir a los que transportan armas al Líbano" -¿cómo? ¿les va a quitar las piruletas del postre? - "No estoy seguro si una declaración de la presidencia del Consejo de Seguridad va a añadir nada".
De modo que según esto una declaración no sirve. Encantada, Sr. Annan, ahora díganos qué es lo que vale. Creo que en su sueldo no sólo va incluido posar en las fotos y decir "No a la guerra" -y si contamos lo que su familia se ha podido llevar del petróleo por alimentos ejem, ese es un sueldo respetable...-, si no también ofrecer soluciones a un problema muy grave que existe en el Líbano.
So this statement "does not add anything". Very well, Mr Annan, now just tell us what is the action that really adds somethign here. I think that your wages are not only included the photos that you are taken and to say "opposed to war" -and if we take into account the quantity that your family has taken from the "Oil for Food" program, what wages those have been!!!- but also to give some solutions to the very important problem that exists in Libano.

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