12 January 2006,15:13
Alemania y los musulmanes

In Baden-Wurttemberg, Heribert Rech of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party has overseen the administering of a 30-topic loyalty test for applicants to become naturalized citizens. Following an intensive and sophisticated study by the Baden-Wurtenberg government of Muslim life, it developed a manual for the naturalization authorities explaining that applicants for citizenship must concur with the "free, democratic, constitutional structure" of Germany.

Because survey research finds that 21% of Muslims living in Germany believe the German constitution irreconcilable with the Koran, the written yes-no questions of yesteryear are history for Muslim applicants for citizenship. (...)

The second initiative originates in Lower Saxony, where the interior minister, Uwe Schünemann, also a CDU member, has stated he would consider making radical Islamists wear electronic foot tags. Doing so, he says, would allow the authorities "to monitor the approximately 3,000 violence-prone Islamists in Germany, the hate preachers [i.e., Islamist imams], and the fighters trained in foreign terrorist camps." Electronic tags, he suggested, are practical "for violence-prone Islamists who can't be expelled to their home countries because of the threat of torture" there.

En Baden-Wurtemberg, Heribert Rech del gobernante partido Demócrata-Cristiano ha impuesto un test de 30 preguntas para todos los aspirantes a ser nacionalizados, explicando que los que intenten obtenerla deberán aceptar y concurrir con la "estructura libre, democrática y constitucional" de Alemania.

La segunda inciativa de estas características es la del Ministro del Interior de la Baja Sajonia que ha dicho que considerará obligar a los radicales islámicos a que lleve n dispositivo electrónico. Con ello, se monitorizará a "los aproximadamente 3000 islamistas radicales y favorables a la violencia que hay en Alemania, los predicadores del odio, y los luchadores que hayan sido entrenado en campos de terroristas en el extranjero". Estos dispositivos son prácticos para "los islamistas favorables la violencia que no pueden ser expulsados a sus países de origen porque existe peligro de que les sometan a la tortura".

Todo ello se produce porque en una encuesta realizada en Alemania, el 21% de los musulmanes que allí viven aseguran que el Corán es irreconciliable con la constitución alemana.

Y la respuesta de los musulmanes no se ha hecho esperar:

Blunt questions posed to Muslims seeking German citizenship in a Christian Democratic-ruled federal state are fuelling anger and the threat of discrimination lawsuits from Islamic groups.

"Where do you stand on the statement that a wife should obey her husband and that he can hit her if she fails to do so?" is among 30 questions which can be asked by officials to Muslims seeking a German passport in southern Baden-Wuerttemberg state since January 1.

Only Muslims from the 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) are required to answer the questions as part of the process to become German citizens. (...)

Muslim groups in Germany have reacted with outrage to the questions which they say are blatant discrimination because only people of the Islamic faith are forced to give answers.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany say the practice violates Germany's constitution and several Islamic groups plan lawsuits aimed at halting the practice.

Ute Vogt, the opposition Social Democratic (SPD) leader in Baden-Wuerttemberg, slammed the practice as "full of cheap clichés and based on prejudice against Muslims."

Normalmente no comento las noticias, porque creo que se comentan ellas solas. Pero esta sí la voy a comentar.

En primer lugar, Alemania tiene el récord de expulsión de musulmanes extremistas, como señala David Pipes en su blog. Sin embargo, Gran Bretaña no ha expulsado ninguno y eso que Londonistan existe. Y, por eso, es muy importante la educación para el asesinato, como lo llama este autor. Y por tanto el control de quién entra y de quién sale del territorio. Así como de lo que hacen personas que sin ningún pudor predican este tipo de actividades abiertamente anti-democráticas.

Como ejemplo de estas últimas bien podemos señalar la del libro "El camino del Musulmán", editado en Holanda a los pocos meses del asesinato por un islamista de Theo van Gogh y en el que se señalaba que los homosexuales deberían ser arrojados de edificios altos y otras lindezas por el estilo. Este libro NO fue prohibido basándose en la libertad de expresión. Contrasta esta posición con la de Suecia y el pastor evangelista, que calificó la homosexualidad como "un cáncer en el cuerpo de la sociedad", a quien se condenó a 1 mes de prisión. Resulta curiosa la distinta vara de medir, que desde luego es favorable al musulmán, al que ni siquiera se le privó de difundir sus ideas ni se le expulsó del país.

En cuanto a la difusión de estas ideas, el caso del príncipe saudí Al-Walid es paradigmático. Presumió en una conferencia de haber hecho cambiar a Rupert Murdoch un banner que había en la página de FOXNews en el que se calificaba a los disturbios franceses de "musulmanes". Pues bien, este mismo señor es dueño de la cadena Iqra que llama a la Jihad, que incita a la violencia contra los no musulmanes y que invita a los musulmanes a confrontar a los no-musulmanes. Fue precisamente en esa cadena en la que se emitió la entrevista de una niña de 3 años (vía justifyThis) que declaró que los judíos eran monos y perros y que no tenía ningún deseo de paz con Israeñ. Pero aquí el príncipe que se había jactado de su influencia sobre Rupert Murdoch (en cuya cadena sólo tiene un 5,46%), no utiliza la suya para hacer que se modifique ese lenguaje (que en este caso es mayor: 30%). Será que este tipo de discurso si le convence. Lo curioso es que esta cadena puede verse en USA.

Así que, ustedes mismos.

Normally, I do not comment the news I post, but I today I am going to do some comments about this issue.

Firstly, Germany has the record of expelling Muslim radicals, as Daniel Pipes points out in his blog. But, for example, Great Britain has expelled no one, agiven that in its soil, Londonistan exists. And so the "education by murder", as Pipes calls it is very important. And as a result, the control over the people that enters a territory is very important. And also that of the people who pray violence and other openly anti-democrat attitudes.

As an example of these attitudes we can point out the book "The Way of the Muslim", that was edited in Holland shortly after the murder of Theo van Gogh's in which it was said the homosexuals should be thrown head first from a tall building. This book was keot in the libraries, because "they wanted to grant the liberty of expression". This attitude is so much different to the one that had Sweden with an evangelical pastor, who was condemned to 1 month in prison for saying that the "homosexuality is a cancer within the society's body". It's not difficult to know who had been treated with much more contempt.

Lastly, regarding the channels to spread these ideas, the case of Saudi Prince Al-Walid is curious. As this article from Frontpagemap tells as:

A few weeks ago, Al-Waleed boasted to a media conference in Dubai that he intervened in the news coverage of the Fox network by personally phoning Rupert Murdoch. He claimed his objection was the reason Fox deleted all references to Muslims when reporting the race riots in France.

Al-Waleed owns 5.46% of Murdoch’s News Corporation. And by his own admission, this investment rewards him with a substantial amount of influence. Naturally then, Al-Waleed’s investment in the Middle Eastern Iqra television – which his company ART owns a 30% share – must bring him a tremendous amount of influence.

Yet, the Iqra television network is renowned for its incitement to hatred against Jews and Americans. According to the New York Sun, 23 members of Congress wrote to the Saudi ambassador in November last year expressing their concern that Iqra television – which broadcasts throughout USA – urges ”its viewers to rampant Jihad and advocates violence against Israelis.” It also telecasts Islamic leaders encouraging all Muslims to confront non-Muslims and “calls for the entire world to follow Islam.” Non-believers, such as Jews and Christians are destined to burn in hell.

In December last year – just a few weeks after Al- Waleed claimed to have intervened in what he perceived to be racially discriminatory media coverage of the race riots in France – Iqra interviewed a 3-year-old toddler who it portrayed as an example to all good parents. The little girl explained to the commentator that Palestinians had no desire for peace with Israel and that the Jews were “dogs” and “villains”. (vía JustifyThis). Despite his part-ownership of Iqra and his enormous influence, Al-Waleed was profoundly mute. There wasn’t a peep.

And, so, it's for you to decide.

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